What kind of bathtub can Dipcote can be applied to?

All types of bathtubs(Press Steel, Cast Iron & Acrylic)

The only key factor is that the bathtub has not be cracked through.

What kind of key forms of Dipcote services can we perform?

  1. Full refinishing of bathtubs and basin

  2. Localized Repair/Spot Repair

  3. Refurbishing of Acrylic Bathtubs(NEW)

What kind of situation Dipcote cannot be applied to?

  1. Cracks at the base of the bathtub.This cannot be done cause repair is only applied onto the surface and the base of hollow, by mending the surface, it is unable to fully support.

  2. Deep cuts on enamel surface cannot be touched up. Why? This is due to the fact that enamel surface cannot be polished.The only solution is to go for full refinishing.

What other type of service can we provide?

  1. Remove stain marks from enamel surface for minor scratch

  2. Touch up chipped edge of ceramics(toilet bowl or basin). Not crack lines.

  3. Regrouting for bathtub and basin, vanity top, kitchen top and kitchen sinks.

  4. Outdoor Mascots.

What kind of surface can Dipcote Surface Refinising be done on?

Fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, formica, plastic and cultured marble surfaces

What is the warranty on Dipcote Surface Refinishing?

12 Months Warranty against Workmanship Defects