The Story of Dipcote

A story of perseverance and passion


From the start, Mr Tan Lam Seng and Mr Tan Hiong Seng were passionate about the bathrooms and fishes. They were mainly doing freelance job varying from plumbing services to breeding of fishes and cleaning fish tanks. They were also accepting contractual jobs from a friend in the bathroom supply industry. They did whatever came in their way but always keen to venture into world of Bathrooms.


In the late 60s, they were presented with a lot of bathtub repair job and they were baffled by it as most repairs done to the bathtubs did not last.


As there was no official technique in repairing bathtubs, the Tan brothers developed techniques and researched on materials by trial and error. Through their hard work and perseverance they eventually perfected the art of refinishing bathtubs. After some time the Tan brothers became known in the bathroom industry for their skills and talent in bathtub repair.

As no one is offering refinishing of bathtubs during that time, they became the pioneers in bathtub refinishing and so came “Dipcote”. They move from landed property repair jobs to condominium property repair jobs to hotels.

In 1972 as Hemsley was eventually set up. Dipcote became Hemsley’s #1 product and after more than 40 years, Dipcote after series of changes and advancement. Dipcote has been consistent to be the pioneer in providing surface refinishing solutions.