Know what our customers think about Dipcote and how it renewed their bathtubs' life!

"The Dipcote Refinishers were very professional and have done a very good job. I was very happy to know the extra effort they did to seal up and keep the place clean after they were finish."

- Valley Park Client

"The refurnishing done by the Dipcote Refinishers was accepted very well."

- The Oliv

“I would like to thank the Dipcote Refinishers for helping with my cracked bathroom bathtub. They did a very good repair job and I was really surprise to see that my bathtub was as good as new. I am glad I made the right decision to get Dipcote Refinishers to do my bathroom rather than a regular “handyman”. They are very professional and knew what they were doing.


I will surely recommend Dipcote to other residents. Thank you again Dipcote for helping me with bathtub problem.”

- Amber Gardens Client